Reduce, reuse, recycle.

MC promote cycling to work and have shower and changing facilities.  We use local service providers for IT, coffee beans, consumables, mikman, eggs and more.

We have a public transport policy and monitor and improve all the time.  It is all about social betterment and environmental ownership and we will strive for continuous improvement of performance in these areas.

We love it the environment; the sea, the rolling South Downs, fresh air and keeping our environment clean.   We are always on the lookout to rectify any wasteful practices and highlight more efficient environmentally friendly ways of working.  Our office is energy efficient and have a low waste output which is all recycled locally. 

We support local and national charities because we like to.  Fundraising in our office drives our employees and volunteering their time and effort for a good cause is a value and  personality trait that is key within all our staff and management.  

We have already raised over £500 for Charity by omitting the wasteful sport of Secret Santa joke gifts and replacing them with a charitable donation to a children's hospice or hospital instead.